[angels in dystopia]

everyday of andrew

mr. kitsch
18 December 1990

i'm andrew; this is my journal.

i guess i'm a cool person,
but i can't really trust anyone to tell me that.
this is simply my conjecture, nothing more.

i'm highly complex, made up of seperate entities of thought, memory, deed, and desire.
art is perhaps the only vessel capable of embodying any of my essence.
i put my soul in each of my works, whether they be sketched, written, or thrown together.

i'm spiritual, but in a very free way.
i use my religion, Buddhism, as a vehicle to propel me to where i wish to be.
not as a limiter.
still, various thoughts & beliefs contribute to my being.

i suffer clinical depression.
each day, i'm not sure if it gets better or worse?
yet i know that my journey on earth is somehow worthwhile.

i trust not a soul in this world.
only myself.
i like to think of myself as a riddle, a puzzle uncapable of being completed.
don't try fitting the pieces, you'll come up short.
merely take me for what i give to you, because that will most likely be the extent of my generosity.

whereas i am a personal person, i have this journal.
hopefully to open up bits of my life to each of you, so that you can all catch a glimpse of what i'm willing to give.